The extraction process of pine resin by incisions in the trunk bark (resination) in our country is a sustainable use, ordered, integrated and certified by independent evaluators.


Resin is one of these “bio-materials” that can serve as the basis for a “new chemical”, less dependent on petroleum derivatives. It is perfectly integrated into sustainable forest management.


In Castilla y León, 55% of black pine forests currently have management plans.

The Pinus pinaster, is the second tree species in surface extension in Spain where it occupies in monospecific masses a surface close to 1.060.000 Ha.


With other functions of the mountain, such as soil protection and water erosion, the conservation of biodiversity, other productions such as wood and biomass, hunting, mushrooms and pastures, and in many cases public use.


Since 2005, through the PEFC system of sustainable forest management, (click here), audited annually by independent evaluations, as in Castilla y León in more than 50% of the surface.

In Resinas Navas de Oro, our main activity consists in the extraction of Pinus Pinaster resin to later manufacture and commercialize the products that we extract through the distillation processes such as colophony and turpentine.

Video report of the extraction process of the resin and distillation for the production of colophony and turpentine.

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