The activity organized by the Departments of Geography and History and Physics and Chemistry of the IES José Luis López Aranguren of Ávila has made part of the activity to students of 3rd of ESO and 2nd of Bachilletaro For the sixth consecutive year, the students of 3º of the ESO and some of the subject of Geography of 2º have visited last November Navas de Oro to carry out a practical class with different professionals of the Environment: forestry agents, forestry engineers and brigades of firefighting. All this within an activity organized by the Departments of Geography and History and Physics and Chemistry, an activity that has also gone the students of Basic FP of the specialty of wood.

The students were received in the natural place called «El Sumidero» by Fernando Peña, environmental agent, who has been directing the activity since the year the IES began and who also wanted to thank their dedication, delivery and preparation. Since the institute has also wanted to show appreciation as well as the desire to make continue «maintaining that enthusiasm and enjoy the joy, joy for a work life of work well done. There goes our tribute. We will always count on you. »

This year Fernando Peña has started the activity by carrying out an exercise of motivation using the world of communications with carrier pigeons, before the emergence of new technologies applied to the forest field. The students have lived the experience of the release, the grouping and departure to the place where they were born (the loft). Subsequently, he explained the order of the mountain in Tierra de Pinares and the importance it has to preserve and maintain the forest legacy for future generations and how the forest world can offer students incredible professional opportunities for their lives, but that requires knowing how to look his future preparing himself with study and training.

Also, the engineer of the fire prevention and firefighting brigade has presented the students with the functions they have on land and air, and they have shown them the hand tools used, the water discharges in fire fighting. , in which some students participate. Godofredo Simón has made a demonstration of the resin through the different methods: the Huge, the bark pike, which applies different chemicals to stimulate.

They have also been able to enjoy a visit to the Resin Museum with its scale models, tool panels and old photographs of the resin industry, being able to see how the resin obtains in the first place turpentine and rosin that are the basis of: cosmetics, food , drugs, paints or varnishes. Subsequently, they visited the «Las Torres» park, chimneys vestige of a factory of the mid-twentieth century (40 meters high), which allowed to mitigate smoke pollution.

Finally they arrived at our factory where they were greeted by Antonio and José Ángel. We explain in detail the operation of each of the machines and the distillation process and the transformation into turpentine and colophony. They were struck by the smell so intense and natural that the students felt.

We also give them samples of rosin, resin or miera and other pine products such as tartar. It has been highlighted that this has been a «great» way to introduce students to an activity that transcends the classroom and that allows them to communicate with professionals and the environment live and direct. «»

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