RESINS NAVAS DE ORO is created with the purpose of giving coverage and viability to the current moment (the demand of the international market has created new opportunities for the sector) of the resination that is being lived in Spain, especially in Castilla y León and to be able to facilitate with its creation the use and development of the sector of the industry of the resination and distillation within the region where it is produced (Castilla y León)

Our company incorporates into its production and distillation chain the most modern and ecological distillation systems, which allows it to be respectful with the environment and obtain high quality products from the distillation, being a last generation resins prepared for face the challenges of the future.

Resinas Navas de Oro counts within its shareholding with entrepreneurs committed to rural development in Castilla y León, as well as with entrepreneurs with more than 30 years of experience in the sector of resination and distillation.

We want to be the engine of development for the «MAR DE PINARES» zone. It is intended to start the process of creating the industrial fabric in the area (creation of new companies), which undoubtedly, in a short period of time will be produced with the implementation of future industries, with the products obtained of the distillation of the resin (rosin and turpentine) as well as industries that will be created for the development and modernization of the resin processes.