For this new year is expected to have a new resin factory that will create work in Navas de Oro, to put it into operation will require a total of 15 jobs, it is expected that the works begin between the month of February and March and you can start your activity throughout the year.

The mayor of Navas de Oro encouraged more than a year ago to entrepreneurs in the resin sector to consider working in the town since the Museum of the Resin had just opened in this town and could be a very interesting brushstroke for that a place could also be offered to the resin factories, in this way the City Council gave the total support so that the interested ones could consider this new idea.

A year and a half later this hope of creating employment in this town seems to give good results with the construction of a new resin factory, it has been the company Resinas Navas de Oro that has devised this new project for the City Council to approve the construction of a new factory that will be located in the industrial estate and that will have a land of 33,350 square meters.

There is a lack of confirmation of the latest procedures so that they can be put to work on their construction to finish the works as soon as possible and give work output to this new resin factory that will bring work to the town.

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